About me ✍️

As a freelance writer and marketing consultant, I’m passionate about finding effective and engaging ways to tell the stories of the people and businesses I encounter.

I’m always excited by the opportunity to ask questions, explore new subjects, discover what motivates people and organizations, and then use that information to inspire, educate, and drive action. 

Past ExperienceGeorgia

In 2015, I began pursuing freelance work as a full-time career, accepting clients locally in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as those from across the US. In 2018, I relocated to Durham, NC and have continued my freelance work in a new state.

My past experience includes serving as a Business Development Associate and Product Category Coordinator at Nova Biostorage, a Communications Specialist at Education Management Corporation, and the Content and Marketing Manager for Robots and Pencils.

Freelance Clients

As a freelance writer, my clients have included Carnegie Mellon University, Sherpa Software, Lynx Technology Partners, Robots and Pencils, PetroSoft, Washington & Jefferson College, South University, and The Art Institutes.


I hold a Master of Arts in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Information Technology from Washington & Jefferson College.

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