About me ✍️

As a freelance writer and marketing consultant, I’m passionate about finding effective and engaging ways to tell the stories of the people and businesses I encounter.

I enjoy being a writer because I like asking questions, exploring new subjects, discovering what motivates people and organizations, and then sharing that information to inspire, educate, and drive action. 

Past ExperienceGeorgia

In 2015, I began pursuing freelance work as a full-time career, accepting clients locally in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as those from across the US. In 2018, I relocated to Durham, NC and have continued my freelance work in a new state.

My past experience includes serving as a Business Development Associate and Product Category Coordinator at Nova Biostorage, a Communications Specialist at Education Management Corporation, and the Content and Marketing Manager for Robots and Pencils.

Freelance Clients

As a freelancer,  my clients have included Carnegie Mellon University, Sherpa Software, Lynx Technology Partners, Robots and Pencils, PetroSoft, Washington & Jefferson College, South University, and The Art Institutes.


I hold a Master of Arts in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Information Technology from Washington & Jefferson College.

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